Ringsted Dun history

About Ringsted Dun

Ringsted Dun’s history begins in the little town of Ringsted. It was here that Ringsted Fjerfabrik was established in 1947 as a subsidiary to Ringsted Andels-Fjerkræslagteri (1932-1980) with the purpose of utilising down and feathers from the slaughterhouse for the production of duvets and pillows.

More than 70 years have gone by, and Ringsted Dun today is a respected brand famous for manufacturing top-of-the-line duvets and pillows of the highest quality. We hold the deepest respect for our craftsmanship and traditions, concentrate on what we are best at, yet never stop to further develop and refine our products, with due consideration for both animals and people.

How to made Ringsted Dun duvets and pillows?

Come behind the scenes and see how your new Ringsted Down duvet and pillow are manufactured.

Ringsted Dun’s timeline

Ringsted Fjerfabrik is established as a subsidiary to Ringsted Andels-Fjerkræslagteri with the purpose of utilising and processing down and feathers from the slaughterhouse.
The company grows quickly, to soon become the second largest in the industry.

Ringsted Fjerfabrik takes over the ROYAL mattress factory. The mattress factory is moved to Ringsted where the company now also manufactures wool mattresses, spring mattresses and bedroom furniture.

The production of mattresses is discontinued, and the ROYAL mattress factory is shut down. The factory in Ringsted subsequently concentrates on processing of raw fibre and the production of down duvets and pillows.

Danpo is established by means of a merger of the four largest poultry slaughterhouses in the country, including Ringsted Andels-Fjerkræslagteri. Ringsted Fjerfabrik thereby becomes part of the Group.

The poultry slaughterhouse in Ringsted shuts down, and the company focuses entirely on processing of purchased raw feathers and manufacture of down duvets and pillows.

Ringsted Fjerfabrik is sold to Lunderskov Fjerfabrik and thereafter continues to operate under the name “Ringsted Dun”.

Ringsted Dun celebrates its 70th anniversary.