Barn med Ringsted Dun dyne

We are thinking – about you and the surrounding world

The easiest thing would be to produce a lot at the lowest price possible without any consideration for the mark we are leaving. To be able to choose this approach, you must also be good at lying and ignoring your own moral objections. At Ringsted Dun, we have made a conscious choice to go the opposite way and keep within the strictest quality requirements of our own free will, in the conviction that this is the only right and proper choice and because this allows us to be honest about our products. After all, it is the most fun of all to sell something you are dedicated to and can vouch for. We keep a tight rein on our suppliers, test quality at our own laboratory and are in turn kept up to the mark by, e.g. the Danish Technological Institute.

But do people care? Yes, everything indicates that ethical considerations are held in high regard. We don’t compromise, and our customers fortunately don’t do it either. Consumers are bombarded by offers all the time and rarely have time to research the market in detail prior to a purchase. Consumers therefore need to be able to count on the producer and on the assurance that the content corresponds to their expectations. This naturally also applies to purchases of duvets and pillows, so do yourselves the favour to check out the marks. A clear conscience yields a good night’s sleep.

Production with responsibility – and with respect for the world and life.

The keywords are: animal welfare, consumer consideration, environment and health.