What is fill power?


Low fill power – 20 g down


High fill power – 20 g down

Fill power is an expression of the down’s insulating ability and quality. A high fill power means that the fill is light and airy and insulates well because it contains a lot of air – and it is the air between the down that keeps you warm underneath the duvet. The lower the down quality, the lower also the fill power and the ability to insulate.

Eider down has the best insulating power followed by goose down and finally by duck down. But take a look at the product label because “duck down, fill power 10” denotes a better quality than “goose down, fill power 8”.

If treated properly, good raw materials can preserve their fill power for many years. There are many stages in the production process that can impair the quality of the fill. This is quite clearly something we keep in mind when we wash, dry and sort in order to subsequently fill, seal and pack your Ringsted Dun’s pillows and duvets.