Ethics and animal welfare – our responsibility

In our world, good sleep is paramount, but we cannot manage our production of pillows or duvets without effort. Good-quality down and feathers play a big role, but where the filling comes from is just as important. In other words: ethics and animal welfare are paramount in our company.

First and foremost, we always strive to be a responsible company. From down to customer. And from supplier to employee. It’s about setting the bar high. Experience tells us that this is also how to make the best pillows and duvets.

At Ringsted Dun, we therefore work voluntarily from the strictest quality standards – we call this responsible production. We constantly check our suppliers, test the quality of down and feathers in our own certified laboratory, and are checked by other third-party control bodies ourselves. This is how we like it. This means that we can deliver high quality all the way – from down to duvet.

Here we have listed the most important focus areas, so you can see how we handle ethics and animal welfare in our production of quality pillows and duvets.


Better animal welfare

At Ringsted Dun, we care about animal welfare. We also think that it is a good idea to use all the resources of animals which are going to be slaughtered. That is why the down and feathers we use are a by-product of the food industry, so nothing is wasted. The filling is purchased directly from the slaughterhouses, and through extensive monitoring, it is possible to follow all our shipments from start to finish. Therefore, we know for sure that all our down and feathers come exclusively from Europe, where production is subject to the strictest animal welfare legislation in the world.

At Ringsted Dun, we have a clear stance on – and zero tolerance towards – animal cruelty. Our down and feathers are a by-product of the meat industry which is processed into duvets and pillows. It also means that our down and feathers do not come from live animals. All our filling for pillows and duvets comes from slaughterhouses, so we can be sure that the filling does not come from e.g. live geese or Muscovy ducks – an area we have audited by a third party for both our and your sake.

Greater traceability

For you as a customer, this means that you are guaranteed that the animals have been treated properly during both rearing and slaughter. This is important to us. In order to guarantee and verify that we comply with European animal welfare standards, we have introduced a tracking system that can document where our filling is purchased, where the raw materials come from, how they arrive at the company and how they are used.

As a dedicated member of the interdisciplinary organisation EDFA (European Down & Feather Association), we help to promote animal welfare and the interests of consumers. Thus, we have undertaken to comply with a requirement for traceability and a code of conduct in which strict action is taken against animal cruelty and so-called “live plucking”. Via systematic registration, the down can be traced all the way back to the supplier, and the accuracy of the information is regularly checked by an audited third party. Read more about our efforts to improve animal welfare on EDFA’s website:

Greater sustainability

At Ringsted Dun, we are constantly working to reduce our impact on the climate, and thus to ensure more efficient resource utilisation. Large parts of our products are made from sustainable and environmentally friendly natural materials. In principle, you can leave your Ringsted Dun down duvet outdoors and it will degrade 100% over time. Of course, we don’t recommend that you do this, because we also focus a lot on more sustainable waste management.

We also aim to become more sustainable in our production. Our consumption of water and energy varies according to how busy we are. We are continuously introducing new initiatives that ensure the reduced consumption of, among other things, water, natural gas and electricity. This way, we achieve even lower CO2 consumption.

At Ringsted Dun, we also work purposefully with the UN Global Goals. Through our membership of amfori BSCI, we help support the UN Global Goals through our foreign suppliers and partners, with a focus on e.g. gender equality and better working conditions.

Ringsted Dun

Better working conditions

In our production of pillows and duvets, all animals must be treated well. The same goes for all the people involved. Of course. That is why, as a Danish company, we are a member of amfori BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), a European organisation that works to improve working conditions in the global supply chain.

amfori BSCI is based on a code that consists of 11 points on social, ethical and environmental matters – ethical business behaviour, including human and environmental considerations. amfori BSCI participants support this code, strive for improved working conditions and combat child labour, discrimination and forced labour.

amfori BSCI is also a member of the United Nations Global Compact, which aims to promote corporate social responsibility and accountability. You can read more about amfori BSCI at:

Ringsted Dun is a member of amfori BSCI
Ringsted Dun is a member of amfori BSCI

Optimal labels

What can I do as a customer if I want to consider ethics and animal welfare next time I buy a new duvet or pillow? This is a really good question – a question that we hope many consumers remember to ask themselves before purchasing a new pillow or duvet. Our very simple answer is to check the label. If your duvet or pillow has the following labels and certifications, you are well on your way – including when it comes to ethics and animal welfare.
Read more about all our labels here.