Sleep well

We spend approximately one third of our lives in bed, so may be it’s not all that unimportant what we sleep in? If your night is ruined, your day will be ruined too.

But to find the right duvet, you must first identify what you need: Are you going to use the duvet in the summer or in the winter, do you sleep with the window open and how well insulated is your mattress?

You should also keep in mind that down retains heat far better than feathers, and if you replace a heavy feather duvet with a light down duvet, the fill weight should probably not exceed a kilo. People often tend to buy duvets that are too warm, and if there is something that can spoil a good night’s sleep, that’s heat.

When it comes to pillows, you probably know what works for you. It’s a bit difficult to establish any guidelines here as sleeping position and body structure can be combined in many different ways. On top of that, there are individual habits when it comes to cuddling and turning. Even if everything indicates that you should have a high, supporting pillow filled with small feathers, you may just simply love a low cuddle pillow with down fill. The most important thing is that the pillow feels comfortable and that it never ever gives you a headache.

We have put our best tips together into the menu, and the entries can hopefully help and inspire you – so that when you pick your next pillow or duvet, you are completely ready for that.