Down duvets and allergies

Many people think incorrectly that they are hypersensitive to down and feathers, but the actual culprit is usually the small, yet very irritating house dust mite. The symptoms of a house dust mite allergy remind of what is usually experienced in connection with hay fever and asthma: swollen and itchy eyes, stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, cough or respiratory difficulties. House dust mites have optimum conditions in bedrooms with a temperature of 17 to 32 °C and high air humidity, and it is enzymes in their faeces that cause allergies. A house dust mite can excrete 200 times its own weight in faeces per day.

How to avoid house dust mites in your duvet and pillow?

However much we want, we can’t help you get rid of your bedroom’s house dust mites. But we have made sure that they can come into neither pillows nor duvets – the shell is simply so tightly woven that the mites cannot penetrate through the fabric. This is documented by means of the Nomite certification, and you can find the Nomite logo on the labels. You have to handle the rest yourself: Washing bed linen, cleaning and thorough airing will turn the lives of your unwanted guests into a misery.

Our down products can be washed at 60°C (house dust mites die at 55°C) and are therefore allergy-neutral. Persons suffering from allergies therefore do not need to avoid real duvets.