Ringsted Dun Pillows

How often should you change your pillow? Is it healthy to sleep without a pillow? And which pillow is best for me? These are all good questions that require individual answers. You see, we sleep in different ways. Some people lie on their side, others lie on their back, and others lie on their stomach. Some prefer large pillows, others a small pillow or a soft pillow. No matter how you feel most comfortable, a good pillow is a necessity.

How do I choose the right pillow?

We have prepared this guide on how to choose the right pillow. Read the guide here.

The difference between a 1-chamber pillow, a 3-chamber pillow and a 4-chamber pillow

At Ringsted Dun, we have a large selection of pillows which is sure to include the best pillow for you. You can choose between 1-chamber pillows, 3-chamber pillows and 4-chamber pillows.

  • A 1-chamber pillow has a single kind of filling throughout, which may just be soft down, but is often a mixture of small feathers and down, which provides a bit more support than pure down
  • The core of a 3-chamber pillow is filled with small, supportive feathers and down, while the outer layers are filled with lovely, soft down, so you sleep as if you’re on a cloud
  • A 4-chamber pillow has two types of filling; small, supportive feathers/down in the two outer chambers, and soft down in the two middle chambers. This combination provides optimal support for your neck if that is what you prefer

Which pillow should I choose?

At Ringsted Dun, we have a pillow for all needs and sleeping positions. Before choosing which pillow works the best for you, you should ask yourself a number of questions:

  • What is a good pillow for me?
  • Do I need a pillow that is good for the neck?
  • Do I need a low, medium-height or high pillow?
  • What is my sleeping position?
  • Do I have other special requirements? E.g. an allergy-friendly pillow or a 100% organic pillow?

We have prepared this guide on how to choose the right pillow. Read the guide here.