Classic Summerdream Comfort

Classic Summerdream is designed for those of you who want a lovely comfortable duvet.

With its fill of exquisite fluffy duck down, this duvet will be far more pleasant in the summer months than a winter duvet. The shell is in exquisite cotton cambric.

Why summer duvets?

When the cold releases its hold and the flowers are about to burst in bloom, it’s about time to change the warm duvet with something lighter. Most people are familiar with the feeling of waking up in the morning and feeling that the duvet is a touch too warm so your feet are sticking out or you’re even half naked, having thrown the duvet to the side. This is a sure sign that the duvet is about to get too warm and that you need to pull the summer duvet out of storage.

The less down there is in a duvet, the easier it is for air to pass through. If you opt for a duvet with a small amount of down but with a high fill power, you will get a cool, yet full duvet to tuck yourself in, and the duvets will simultaneously help you retain the heat in the event the temperature drops. All in all, it’s a matter of changing duvet and then setting off into summer’s land of dreams.

Warning: Ensure the child’s face is uncovered. Do not use in combination with sleep bag or blanket.

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