Ringsted Dun Down boots

Delightful down boots for cold feet. With Ringsted Dun’s down boots, you will no longer have problems keeping your feet warm on cold days. You can also naturally take them with you under the duvet at night.

An integrated zipper makes the down boots easy to put on and take off and also makes sure that they will sit tightly on your feet rather than flop about. Curl with them on the sofa, dive under the duvet or use them wherever else you wish, but even if they are wonderfully warm and the dots on the bottom make them extra durable, it is not a good idea to wear them outside.

Now, pull up the little warmers and turn up the cosiness to the max…

Available in ladies’ (M) and men’s sizes (L).

DescriptionDelightful warm down boots for cold feet
SizesM (25 cm.), L (30 cm.)
Fill70% white duck down
Fill weightM: 80 g., L: 100 g.
Shell100% cotton cambric (Ne40/40)
Color / PatternGrey
ConstructionShaped like a sock

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