Kiddy Royal Baby

Allergy-friendly baby duvets and pillows for your new prince or princess. All our products are free of chemistry and there are no harmful substances in. Both duvets and pillows are filled with light and fluffy Muscovy down of the highest quality, and the shell is in soft cotton with pretty stripes and a nice embroidered logo.

The Kiddy Royal duvet is packed in a smart and functional Kiddy­Bear bag which can be used by your child as a toy, teddy bear or whatever else is necessary for the adventure at hand.

The Kiddy Royal series is available for babies and juniors and has been developed for children aged 0 to 6. Children aged 0 to 2 should use the baby series, and when the duvet grows too short, you should opt for the junior series, which can be used until your child is approx. 6 years old.

All products are naturally washable. Read more about how to wash your down duvets and pillows here.

Duvet and pillow are sold separately.

Ensure the child’s face is uncovered. Do not use in combination with sleep bag or blanket., Take into account the room temperature and the child’s sleepwear. Overheating can endanger the life of your child!, Keep away from fire. Stop using cot duvet at the first sign of damage. Baby duvets are recommended for cradles from 40×90 cm. Junior duvets are recommended for cots from 60×120 cm.

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