The Little Matchgirl

The Little Matchgirl is a beautiful goose down pillow with a shell in box cotton sateen that provides room for a bit more of the gorgeous fill. A delight for everyone who likes luxury in everyday life.

A 3­-layer pillow has an inner layer of down and feathers to provide support for your head and neck and outer layers filled with goose down which is so fluffy and soft against the skin that it’s almost as if you are sleeping on a cloud!

Made in Denmark
Washing instructions:  Vaskeanvisning - Bomuld

Fairytale – The Little Matchgirl

On a cold New Year’s Eve, a poor girl was trying to sell matches in the street. She was barefoot and freezing, but she was afraid to go home because her father would beat her if she hadn’t sold anything. The girl took shelter in a nook and decided to light a match to warm up her hands.

In its glow, she saw a stove and felt its warmth, but when the match burned out, the beautiful image disappeared again. She lit one match after another – which brought visions of a finely furnished room, a set table, a roast goose and a Christmas tree. Her gaze drifted skyward, from the Christmas tree’s candle towards the sky, and she saw a shooting star. Then she remembered her dead grandmother saying that a falling star means someone is dying and is going to Heaven.

As she lit the next match, she saw a vision of her grandmother, the only person to have treated her with love and kindness. She struck one match after another to keep the vision of her grandmother alive for as long as she could. “Take me with you,” asked the girl, and the grandmother lifted her into her arms. Then both flew merrily to heaven.

DescriptionBeautiful goose down pillow
SeriesH.C. Andersen - Fairy Tales
SizesAvailable in different sizes according on country standard
Construction3-layer wih box
FillOuter layer: 100% new, white european goose down / Inner layer: 30% new, white european goose down + 70% small feathers
Fill weightMEDIUM: Depends on the size and variant, HIGH: Depends on the size and variant
Fill PowerOuter layer: 12 / Inner layer: 7
Down and feathersClass 1 (best of 3 classes) EN12934
Origin of fillingEurope
Shell100% cotton sateen (Ne80/80)
Color / PatternWhite
OEKO-TEXClass 1 - No harmful substances. Tested and approved for infants
NOMITEAllergy friendly - Free of house dust mites
Downafresh Greenline100% clean down - Free for avian influenza, keratin and other bacteria
WashingCan be washed at 60 degrees. Must tumble dried
Manufactured inDenmark
Warranty*2 years

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