The Nightingale

The Nightingale is worthy of an emperor. The fine silk and the fluffy goose down make you feel that this duvet is almost floating in the air and you can hear angels singing – unless, of course, it is the song of a little nightingale.

Made in Denmark
Washing instructions:  Vaskeanvisning - Vådrens
Professional dry-clean only. Experience in both silk and down required.
Only gentle wet cleaning.

Fairytale – The Nightingale

The Emperor of China heard that the nightingale was the very best songbird in the Empire. He therefore had the bird brought to his castle where it sang sweetly for him day in and day out.

One day, a messenger from Japan brought a gift – a mechanical nightingale. The artificial bird was studded with diamonds, rubies and sapphires, and when you wound it up, it sang while bobbing its tale. Everyone wanted to listen to the artificial bird, so the real nightingale one day flew out the open window – back to its green forests.

One day, the artificial bird broke, and even if the royal clockmaker managed to repair it, it was now able to sing only once a year. Five years later, the Emperor lay on his deathbed, but when everyone thought it was over, the nightingale returned and chased Death away with his song. The Emperor was deeply grateful and asked the bird how he could reward him. The nightingale answered that the tears he drew from Emperor’s eyes the first time he sang to him were the jewels that rejoice a singer’s heart.

DescriptionOur very best duvet with goosedown and a shell in the finest silk
SeriesH.C. Andersen - Fairy Tales
SizesAvailable in different sizes according to country standard
Fill100% new, white european goose down
Fill weightDepends on the size and warmth grade
Fill Power12
Down and feathersClass 1 (best of 3 classes) EN12934
Origin of fillingEurope
Shell100% European silk
Color / PatternCreme / Pattern
Number of cassettesDepends on the size
PipingSatin, Color: Ivory
OEKO-TEXClass 1 - No harmful substances. Tested and approved for infants
NOMITEAllergy friendly - Free of house dust mites
Downafresh Greenline100% clean down - Free for avian influenza, keratin and other bacteria
WashingProfessional dry-clean only. Experience in both silk and down required.
Manufactured inDenmark
Warranty*10 years

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