The Snow Queen

Luxury class pillow. White cotton batiste filled with fine goose down – a perfect match for the Snow Queen duvet. Available as a 3-layer pillow in 3 different heights.

A 3­-layer pillow has an inner layer of down and feathers to provide support for your head and neck and outer layers filled with goose down which is so fluffy and soft against the skin that it’s almost as if you are sleeping on a cloud!

Made in Denmark
Washing instructions:  Vaskeanvisning - Bomuld

Fairytale – The Snow Queen

The tale of the Snow Queen is about two friends, Kay and Gerda, who were inseparable. One day, Kay got a splinter of a devil’s magic mirror into his eye and could no longer see the world’s beauty. Yet another splinter lodged itself in Kay’s heart and immediately set about to transform it into ice. He pushed the unhappy Gerda away and went to the city where he hitched his little sledge to the Snow Queen’s big, white sleigh carriage.

The Snow Queen then kept Kay captive at her castle in the freezing North, while Gerda was looking for him. The sweet, innocent girl met many animals and people on her quest, and everyone helped her however they could.
Finally, Gerda reached the castle but to her horror, she found Kay sitting completely still, stiff and cold. But Gerda’s tears managed to thaw out his heart, and his own tears got the splinter out of his eyes. Hand in hand, they set off back for the city.

DescriptionOur most best and most luxury goose down pillow.
SeriesH.C. Andersen - Fairy Tales
SizesAvailable in different sizes according on country standard
FillOuter layer: 100% new, white european goose down / Inner layer: 60% new, white european goose down + 40% small feathers
Fill weightLOW: Depends on the size and variant, MEDIUM: Depends on the size and variant, HIGH: Depends on the size and variant
Fill PowerOuter layer: 12 / Inner layer: 8
Down and feathersClass 1 (best of 3 classes) EN12934
Origin of fillingEurope
Shell100% cotton batiste (Ne80/80)
Color / PatternWhite
PipingSatin, Color: White
OEKO-TEXClass 1 - No harmful substances. Tested and approved for infants
NOMITEAllergy friendly - Free of house dust mites
Downafresh Greenline100% clean down - Free for avian influenza, keratin and other bacteria
WashingCan be washed at 60 degrees. Must tumble dried
Manufactured inDenmark
Warranty*2 years

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