The Ringsted Dun Tumbelina duvet is a fluffy, nice and soft duvet. The MicroTencel cotton makes the Tumbelia duvet soft and very nice to your skin.

When you see this duvet it is love at first sight – just like in the fairytale of Tumbelina.

Made in Denmark
Washing instructions:  Vaskeanvisning - Bomuld

Fairytale – Thumbelina

A wife wanted a child so much that she bought a barleycorn from a witch. She planted the corn into a pot, and it grew into a tulip containing a tiny girl who was only an inch high. Thumbelina slept in a walnut and sailed on a petal in a plate full of water. One night she was abducted by a toad and then held captive on a water lily. The fish felt sorry for her and gnawed off the stem, and a white butterfly helped her escape.

Thumbelina found shelter for the winter in the hole of a field mouse, but had to flee when the mouse wanted her to marry a mole who would keep her underground forever. A swallow Thumbelina had previously nursed back to health took her to the warm countries and put her on a white flower. A little man, not taller than Thumbelina herself, satin the middle of the flower. It was love at first sight!

Description Nice and soft goose down duvet
Series H.C. Andersen
Sizes Available in different sizes according to country standard
Fill 100% new, white european goose down
Fill weight Depends on the size and warmth grade
Fill Power 825
Down and feathers Class 1 (best of 3 classes) EN12934
Origin of filling Europe
Shell 100% MicroTencel / cotton (Ne90/90)
Color / Pattern White
Construction Cassettes
Number of cassettes Depends on the size
Piping Satin, Color: White
STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Class I - No harmful substances. Tested and approved for infants
NOMITE Allergy friendly - Free of house dust mites
Downafresh® greenLine
Washing Can be washed at 60 degrees. Must tumble dried
Manufactured in Denmark
Warranty* 10 years

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