90 % new, white European muscovy down / 10 % small muscovy feathers & 100 % eider down

Fill power:
11 (muscovy down – eider down are not measurable)

White, Egyptian fine cotton batiste

Body-shape cassettes

 Oeko-Tex Class 1, NOMITE, Downafresh

Fill weight

MEDIUM – body shape
140×200 cm
390 g

MEDIUM – body shape
140×220 cm
430 g

MEDIUM – body shape
200×220 cm
630 g

WARM – body shape
140×200 cm
650 g

WARM – body shape
140×220 cm
720 g

WARM – body shape
200×220 cm
1060 g


Dannebrog - Made in Denmark

Made in Denmark.



The special body-shape design means that this duvet will follow your body’s curves and keep you warm all night long. The fill is made of a unique combination of dark, Icelandic eider down and light Muscovy down – a mixture of eider down and Muscovy down in the middle, where the need for heat is the greatest, and Muscovy down in the outer edges. If you hold the duvet up against the light, you will be surprised at its fine patterns and contrasts: curving and straight lines, large and small cassettes, dark and bright filling. The fairy tale about the shepherdess and the chimneysweep also plays with contrasts, above all, between the appearance of the main characters, but also between fear and courage, loneliness and love.hyrdinden-og-skorstensfejeren

The romance between two china figurines, a shepherdess and a chimneysweep comes under threat by a mahogany satyr who wants the shepherdess for his wife. An old porcelain Chinaman, who could nod his had and claimed to be the shepherdess’ grandfather, nodded to the satyr, thereby giving him his consent to marry the shepherdess. This made the two lovers flee their place on the table – as now they wanted to go into the wide world. After lots of difficulties, they managed to escape through the chimney flue and ended up on the chimney. The shepherdess found that the world was way, way too big for her and asked the chimneysweep to follow her back home.
Back in the living room, they discovered that the old Chinaman had broken into pieces, but took solace in the thought that he could be mended with a rivet. And so he was mended, but as the rivet prevented him from nodding to the satyr any longer, he accepted tacitly that the shepherdess and the chimneysweep would stay together forever.