New, white, 90% European duck down / 10% small feathers

Fill power:

Cotton cambric

Duvets: Cassettes. Pillows: w/ stitches or 1-LAYER

Oeko-Tex Class 1, NOMITE, Downafresh

Fill weight

Babypillow w/ stitches
40×45 cm
25 g

Babyduvet – 3×4 cassettes
67×100 cm
125 g

Juniorpillow – 1-layer
40×45 cm
100 g

Juniorduvet – 4×5 cassettes
100×140 cm
275 g


Dannebrog - Made in Denmark

Made in Denmark.


Sound sleep all night long. Allergy-friendly duvets and pillows filled with European down. This series has been developed for children aged 0 to 6.

Our children deserve the very best, and this is something we naturally keep in mind when we develop products for our youngest. Kiddy with duck down has been specially developed to give all children a sound and warm, yet not too warm sleeping environment. The products are new and clean inside and out (certified according to Oeko-Tex and Downafresh) and house dust mite-proof in accordance with the Nomite certification.

Children aged 0 to 2 should use the baby series, and when the duvet grows too short, you should opt for the junior series, which can be used until your child is approx. 6 years old.

The Kiddy duvet is packed in a smart and functional Kiddy­Bear bag which can be used by your child as a toy, teddy bear or whatever else is necessary for the adventure at hand.

The products are naturally washable.