Outer layers: New, white, 90% European muscovy down / 10% small feathers
Inner layer: New, 30% European duck down / 70% small feathers

Fill power:

White cotton sateen


Oeko-Tex Class 1, NOMITE, Downafresh

Fill weight

LOW – 3-layer
60X63 cm
600 g

MEDIUM – 3-layer
60X63 cm
750 g

HIGH – 3-layer
60X63 cm
900 g


Dannebrog - Made in Denmark

Made in Denmark.



Pillow in cotton sateen with box edge filled with fine muscovy down. Available as a 3-layer pillow in 3 different heights. Pillows which are just as irresistible as the swineherd from the fairy tale.

A 3-­layer pillow has an inner layer of down and feathers to provide support for your head and neck and outer layers filled with down which is so fluffy and soft against the skin that it’s almost as if you are sleeping on a cloud!


A prince from a small kingdom wanted to marry the emperor’s daughter, so he sent her a beautiful rose from his father’s grave and a singing nightingale. The princess would have neither as she found artificial things far more beautiful than genuine ones, so she forbade the prince to come to visit.
The prince put on a disguise, smeared his face with brown and black paint and sought a position as swineherd at the palace. On his first day on the job, he created a musical pot that could that could play “Ach, Du lieber Augustin”, while revealing what dishes were being prepared in all of the city’s chimneys, The princess wanted to have the pot, but the swineherd demanded 10 kisses in exchange for it. The ladies-in-waiting formed a ring around the couple, and the swineherd got his payment. The next day, he made a ratchet that cost 100 kisses. The princess paid the price this time, too. However, the emperor found out about the kissing and threw both the princess and the swineherd out of his kingdom. The princess then wept and regretted having rejected the prince since even a small kingdom was better than none whatsoever. The swineherd threw the disguise, revealed himself and then returned to his kingdom, shutting the door on her. The princess could do nothing other than sing dolefully: “Ach, Du lieber Augustin, Alles ist væk, væk, væk!”.