New, white, 90% European goose down / 10% small feathers

Fill power:

White cotton cambric


Oeko-Tex Class 1, NOMITE, Downafresh

Fill weight

COOL – 6×8
140×200 cm
240 g

COOL – 6×8
140×220 cm
260 g

COOL – 8×8
200×220 cm
375 g

COOL – 9×8
240×220 cm
450 g

MEDIUM – 6×8
140×200 cm
500 g

MEDIUM – 6×8
140×220 cm
550 g

MEDIUM – 8×8
200×220 cm
800 g

MEDIUM – 9×8
240×220 cm
950 g

WARM – 6×8
140×200 cm
650 g

WARM – 6×8
140×220 cm
750 g

WARM – 8×8
200×220 cm
980 g

WARM – 9×8
240×220 cm
1140 g


Dannebrog - Made in Denmark

Made in Denmark.


If you decide to read the tale of the little mermaid aloud at bedtime, you should prepare for tears. The poor mermaid looks so sorrowfully after the prince that it is almost unbearable, but luckily this duvet can withstand tears – it can even survive a dip into the ocean if need be. But be off instead to bed now, lay yourself under the soft goose down and enjoy sleeping in a lovely warm bed. And having legs rather than a wet fish tail.


the-mermaidThe tale of the Snow Queen is about two friends, Kay and Gerda, who were inseparable. One day, Kay got a splinter of a devil’s magic mirror into his eye and could no longer see the world’s beauty. Yet another splinter lodged itself in Kay’s heart and immediately set about to transform it into ice. He pushed the unhappy Gerda away and went to the city where he hitched his little sledge to the Snow Queen’s big, white sleigh carriage.

The Snow Queen then kept Kay captive at her castle in the freezing North, while Gerda was looking for him. The sweet, innocent girl met many animals and people on her quest, and everyone helped her however they could.
Finally, Gerda reached the castle but to her horror, she found Kay sitting completely still, stiff and cold. But Gerda’s tears managed to thaw out his heart, and his own tears got the splinter out of his eyes.
Hand in hand, they set off back for the city.