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Baby or junior duvet? With organic filling or a cool summer duvet? At Ringsted Dun, we have a large selection of duvets – including for the little ones in the family. You can read more about which baby or junior duvet is best for your child below.

The children deserve the best, which of course we have in mind when we develop products for the youngest. At Ringsted Dun, we have a large selection of allergy-friendly baby duvets, baby pillows, junior duvets and junior pillows. All our products are free of chemicals, and there are no harmful substances in them. Our duvets and pillows are available both with the airy and delicious goose down and with the nice, soft musk down. Your children can thus sleep undisturbed and dream sweetly when the temperature around them is kept at the right level all night long.

Ringsted Dun Baby - Junior dyner og puder

Ringsted Dun Baby - Junior dyner og puder

The foundation of a good night’s sleep is established early. Babies and slightly older children can be helped towards good sleeping habits with the right duvet. The type of filling and degree of warmth are important parameters when choosing a duvet, and here it is important to look at the individual child’s needs. Does your child get very hot at night? No matter what, it is always a good idea to consult a specialist at one of our Ringsted Dun retailers before choosing the right baby or junior duvet.

Choose quality duvets and pillows for your child. Should your little prince or princess sleep well as under a light and airy cloud, then choose e.g. Kiddy Royal duvets and pillows. The children can sleep undisturbed and dream sweetly when the temperature around them is kept at the right level. And then the little ones are ready for new activities in their imaginative kingdom.

We recommend baby products used for children aged 0-2 years. When the duvet becomes too short, you should choose the junior series which can be used until your child is about 6 years old.

1. Right size

Your little newborn should not disappear completely in a duvet, just as your growing junior should not get cold feet during the night. The size of a duvet affects the night’s sleep. A baby duvet measures 100 cm in length, while a junior duvet measures 140 cm in length. We recommend that there is room to tuck the duvet around little toes and cold shoulders.

2. Be aware of moisture

Young children can easily sweat a lot, so it is important that you make sure the duvet can transport moisture away from the child. A warm and dry environment provides better conditions for a good sleep.

3. Keep the heat in

Down in your baby or junior duvet is really good at retaining heat. Down weighs almost nothing, but insulates really well. This is what we call fill power – read more about duvets and fill power right here.

4. Allergy-friendly and free from chemicals

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Class I is your guarantee that your baby or junior duvet does not contain residual chemicals. STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is divided into four product classes, depending on the amount of residual chemicals that is permitted in the finished product. At Ringsted Dun, we have chosen to certify according to the strictest requirements in Class I. This means that all our products can be recommended for children under three years of age – including our duvets for adults, if the little one falls asleep with you. In addition, our products are NOMITE-certified. The fabric is so tightly woven that house dust mites cannot penetrate. In addition, all our products can be washed at 60 degrees, which kills house dust mites. Read more about down and allergies here.

5. Good durability – even after several rounds in the washing machine

Duvets for the little members of the family need to be washed more often – this is completely natural. Therefore, it is also important that you choose a good-quality duvet that can withstand going through the washing machine when accidents happen. All our products can be washed at 60 degrees. Here is our guide for washing and maintaining your baby or junior duvet. Find the guide here.