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Ringsted Dun duvets and pillows are Danish quality

Ringsted Dun started making duvets and pillows in 1947 and ever since then we have been delivering good sleep to all our customers. All our duvets and pillows are made in Denmark and contain the most exquisite new European down of the highest quality.

Ringsted Dun has something for everyone

Whether you are looking for summer, winter or all-year duvets, high, medium or low pillows, pillows and duvets for children or special products such as The Breeze series or eiderdown duvets.

With circular economy initiatives, we take responsibility for our production and our impact on the environment. Therefore, all our products are certified according to the highest standards in the sector.

Ringsted Dun’s duvets and pillows combine H. C. Andersen’s fairy tales and innovative products created with respect for Danish craftsmanship and the company’s history with optimal sleep comfort in mind. Our products cover everyone’s needs. What do you need? Try Ringsted Dun’s duvet selector here.