Danish quality since 1947

Ringsted Dun started making duvets and pillows in 1947 and ever since then we have been delivering good sleep to all our customers. All our duvets and pillows are Made in Denmark, allergy friendly and free of chemistry.

They contain only the purest, new European down of the best qualities.

How to produce Ringsted Dun duvets and pillows

Ringsted Dun cover everyone’s needs

Are you looking for summer-, winter- or all-year duvets, high, medium or low pillows, or pillows and duvets for children? Then Ringsted Dun has a duvet or pillow for you. Our products cover everyone’s needs. What do you need? 

Washing of duvets and pillows

How do you wash a duvet? Or dry it? These are questions many people ask, but it’s actually not that difficult. Many people are nervous about ruining the down by putting their duvet in the washing machine or tumble dryer, but with a few tips and a little thought, washing your duvet can be a breeze. The same goes for washing pillows.

Allergy friendly products

Many people think incorrectly that they are hypersensitive to down and feathers, but the actual culprit is usually the small, yet very irritating house dust mite. The symptoms of a house dust mite allergy remind of what is usually experienced in connection with hay fever and asthma: swollen and itchy eyes, stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, cough or respiratory difficulties.

Down & Feathers

Down is a brilliant insulation material, and its low weight makes it extremely suitable as fill for duvets. The insulating ability of the fill is measured with the concept fill power. Goose down with fill power 825 is certainly a fantastic warmer, but fill can also easily be used in a light and airy summer duvet – just not so much of it. Feathers are great as support in pillows – if you prefer a high, firm pillow.

Ringsted Dun OMTANKE økologisk dyne og pude

“Ethics and animal welfare –
our responsibility”

CEO - Steffen Rathcke