Cool, warm or extra-warm duvet?

Summer duvet, winter duvet or all-season duvet – which duvet and comfort level do you prefer? It all depends on how you sleep at night. Are you the type of person who always feels hot? Then perhaps you should take a look at our extra-cool or cool duvets. Or maybe you tend to feel the cold? Then take a look at the warm models. We're sure to have a duvet to suit you

Extra Cool duvets are for you who feel extra hot or for use in the summer. Our extra cool duvets are also referred to as summer duvets.

Our cool duvets are in the same wonderful and familiar quality but with less filling, so they are not nearly as warm.
Cool duvets also make the best choice for a child’s first “adult” duvet when the junior duvet has become too small.

Our medium duvets are probably the most common and popular comfort level. Medium duvets are also called all-season duvets.

Most people will be able to use the medium comfort level most of the year. During warmer weather, these duvets can feel too warm and during the colder months, not warm enough. For these months, take a look at cool or warm duvets, respectively.

Our warm duvets are for those who often feel the cold and love a warm duvet. As women and men are physiologically different, a warm duvet will in many cases be far too warm for a man.

Our extra-warm duvets are for those who feel cold during the night or for very chilly weather. Duvets in the extra-warm category have much more filling and are therefore also somewhat heavier than, for example, warm or all-season duvets.