At Ringsted Dun we select only the best materials, and that includes our down. The ducks and geese live in European countries where there are large fluctuations in temperature, which makes the down fuller and “stronger”.

The down is always inspected at our certified laboratory when it arrives at our premises. Doing so gives us a 100% guarantee on the type and quality of down we use, so both we and you can be certain that you are getting the best possible end product.
Our down lasts a long time, and there are plenty of good reasons why. Focus on animal welfare, better feed and longer lifespan are just some of the parameters that make for a better product with down that doesn’t crack or collapse.

Eiderdown is the lightest but warmest natural material in the world, and it is extremely rare. The down is collected by hand from the eider duck’s nest after the ducklings have abandoned the nest. The eider duck develops the world’s best down because it lives in the coldest parts of the North Atlantic, where it must adapt to extreme temperatures.

The thermal properties of eiderdown are superior and exceptional. Eiderdown has excellent insulation properties, but it is not for everyone. If you tend to feel hot when you sleep, eiderdown might be too warm for you.

At Ringsted Dun we select only the best natural materials and that includes our goose down. The geese live in European countries where there are large fluctuations in temperature, which makes the down fuller and “stronger.” The birds also live longer and enjoy better feed. We use only the finest down sourced from the chests of larger birds. Goose down is larger and loftier than Muscovy and duck down.

Muscovy down comes from the Muscovy duck. Down from a Muscovy duck is of the finest quality and resembles eiderdown in many ways, as it is both wonderfully fluffy and luxuriously soft – and it can keep you comfortably warm all night long.

Our Muscovy down duvets are available in many different sizes, lengths and warmth levels. Often, our Muscovy down duvets feature a fill power of about 700 or 725, which is a good choice in terms of quality. Fill power has a major effect on how well your duvet can retain warmth.

Duck down has wonderfully warm insulation properties that keep you comfortable all night long. Ringsted Dun originally used duck down to make duvets from the beginning in 1947, and it was what was used in Denmark when the use of down and feathers in duvets began. Today, the vast majority of duvets are made with either Muscovy down or goose down. But duck down still represents a good alternative to Muscovy down.

Some of the duck down we use in our duvets is sourced from organic free-range Danish ducks. These down and feathers are used in our OMTANKE range.

Our organic duck down comes from Danish free-range ducks. The down comes from Danish manufacturers. Organic duck down has the same characteristics as regular duck down.