Ringsted Dun Duvets

A good night’s sleep is crucial to your well-being. Under a good warm duvet is where you refuel and where your body relaxes. To get optimal sleep, it is important that you are comfortable – and that you have chosen the right duvet.

At Ringsted Dun, we have a large selection of duvets in many different sizes, lengths and temperatures, and with different fillings. We are sure to have a duvet that fits you perfectly.

Which duvet should you choose?

Even if you have narrowed your choice down to a down duvet, there are still plenty of factors to consider when it comes to choosing a duvet. A quality duvet is not only about the filling; it is also about you and your needs.

If, for example, you suffer from allergies, choosing an allergy-friendly duvet is a good idea. All Ringsted Dun’s duvets are of course allergy-friendly. You may prefer to sleep with a double duvet, or perhaps you feel more comfortable under a heavy duvet? Before choosing, it can be a really good idea to test the duvet. Regardless of needs and preferences, here is a guide to choosing the right duvet. Read the duvet guide here.

Benefits of a down duvet

Down has a higher fill power than e.g. feathers, and therefore retains heat better. In addition, down is also soft and light, which makes the down duvet a more comfortable choice – including in the long run. At Ringsted Dun, we test all our down so that we are sure that only the best-quality down ends up in our duvets – regardless of type. Some people prefer a cold duvet, while others want a warm one. Down duvets come in many different kinds, e.g. winter or summer duvets, just as there are many different types of down to choose from.

We have many different duvet ranges, all produced in Denmark. Our Hans Christian Andersen and Royal ranges are where you will find our best duvets, which are made with only the best materials and manufacturing methods. In our Classic range, you will find quality duvets at excellent prices. They represent great value for money.

Cool, warm or extra-warm duvet?

Summer duvet, winter duvet or all-season duvet – which duvet and comfort level do you prefer? It all depends on how you sleep at night. Are you the type of person who always feels hot? Then perhaps you should take a look at our extra-cool or cool duvets. Or maybe you tend to feel the cold? Then take a look at the warm models. We're sure to have a duvet to suit you

At Ringsted Dun we select only the best materials, and that includes our down. The ducks and geese live in European countries where there are large fluctuations in temperature, which makes the down fuller and “stronger”.

The down is always inspected at our certified laboratory when it arrives at our premises. Doing so gives us a 100% guarantee on the type and quality of down we use, so both we and you can be certain that you are getting the best possible end product.
Our down lasts a long time, and there are plenty of good reasons why. Focus on animal welfare, better feed and longer lifespan are just some of the parameters that make for a better product with down that doesn’t crack or collapse.

Ringsted Dun has a large selection of single duvets and double duvets. All our duvets are available in different lengths, different levels of warmth and different fillings. We also have baby duvets and junior duvets.

See our range of duvets in all sizes below.

Get the most out of your Ringsted Dun duvet and pillow. Make sure to wash and maintain it regularly. Read more here.