Picking the right pillow

May be you already have a pillow that is a perfect match for you and that just needs to be replaced with a similar one when it loses its charm one day. No worries here. It immediately becomes that much worse if you are not satisfied with your pillow and have absolutely no idea what is wrong with it. The best thing in this case would be to go to your Ringsted Dun dealer and consult the shop clerk, but let us give you a couple of tips below:

If you often sleep on your back or stomach, you should go for a low or medium pillow

The hollow between the mattress and your neck will not be so big, and you’ll not need much to support your spine. If it is more important to you that the pillow be soft and ductile than that it provide support and lift, it will need to have more down than small feathers.

If you often sleep on your side, you should opt for a medium or high pillow

As for how high, it depends on the softness of your mattress, the way you are lying on it as well as the width of your shoulders and the curve of your back. If it is more important to you that the pillow provide support and lift than that it be soft and ductile, it will need to have more small feathers than down. Small feathers are naturally not as soft as down, but on the other hand, a feather pillow keeps its shape longer. However, we need to emphasise that small feathers are rather fine things which are easy to crush rather than stiff “Indian feathers”.

And if you want it all – i.e. a soft pillow that simultaneously provides support – you should opt for a 3-chamber pillow.

The structure of this pillow is designed to keep the softest down on the outside where you can notice it, whereas the small feathers provide support in the middle.

Ergonomic pillow

If you need a pillow with an alternative shape and support, may be you can benefit from our new Anatomic series. The pillows have been developed to reduce neck and muscle pain, but you do not need to have any of these complaints to find your new favourite pillow here.

But again, go to the shop, ask the shop clerk for advice and try to feel the pillows before you decide.

And the shell? The shell is available in different qualities, from the always popular cotton cambric to cotton batiste, cotton sateen and silk, all of which are down-proof and Oeko-Tex-labelled. What you opt for is up to you as it depends on range, taste and discretion. And then there is also the price.

And also keep in mind… the product marks! And by this we mean the information you get from the pillow’s labels. Check if the duvet is labelled “OEKO-TEX 100, Class 1” and thereby does not contain any residual chemicals. Check for a “Nomite” label if you are allergic to house dust mites (Nomite is your guarantee that house dust mites cannot penetrate the shell.) Check for a “Downafresh Greenline – Greenline” if it makes a difference to you that the down has been washed and dried in accordance with strict international rules and can therefore not contain any microorganisms and viruses.

Remember that pillows need washing and replacement more often than duvets.