Storage of Ringsted Dun duvets and pillows

Storage of duvets and pillows

If you switch between summer and winter duvets, or need to store your duvets for a longer period, e.g. in a summer house or a caravan, it is important that you know how to store your pillows and duvets the right way – this is how they will last best in the long run.

4 good advice for storage duvets and pillows

1. Wash before storage

It’s a good idea to wash duvets and pillows before packing them up. Then you can be sure that they are fresh and ready for use when you need to get them out. Remember that your duvets and pillows must be 100% dry before you pack them up. Find advice on washing and drying here.

2. Storage bags for duvets

Storing duvets and pillows requires the right equipment. They should preferably be stored in a breathable bag – not a plastic bag – so they can get some air.

3. Enough space

Vacuum bags are a bad idea for storing duvets, as they help destroy the texture of the down and the duvet’s fill power.

4. Good and dry

Your duvet and pillow should be stored in a dry room to avoid moisture, and potentially mould and mildew, during storage.