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We are excited that you are showing interest in our Danish brand, Ringsted Dun and have made a small presentation of the brand and the samples received.

Our duvets and pillows are made from high-quality materials, ensuring they are incredibly comfortable and durable. This results in satisfied customers who keep coming back.
Showcased in department stores and highend retail.

At Ringsted Dun, we understand the importance of offering your customers high-quality products that guarantee satisfaction manufactured with only European down filling with an emphasis on sustainability.

By choosing Ringsted Dun, you will be able to showcase the superior comfort, craftsmanship, and innovative design of our duvets and pillows. This will not only enhance your product range but also provide your customers with a reliable choice for their sleep needs.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that your customers will experience the best possible sleep, making Ringsted Dun a trusted brand in your store.

Ringsted Dun’s history begins in the little town of Ringsted. It was here that Ringsted Fjerfabrik (Ringsted Down Factory) was established in 1947.

More than 70 years have passed, and today Ringsted Dun is the leading brand in Denmark for exclusive duvets and pillows. We hold the deepest respect for our craftsmanship and traditions, concentrate on what we are best at, yet never stop to further develop and refine our products, with due consideration for both animals, environment and people.

Hans Christian Andersen
Discover the unique charm of our Hans Christian Andersen series from Ringsted Dun. Our wide range of duvets, showcases the finest materials and exceptional manufacturing techniques. The exclusive series of Ringsted Dun is named after the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen and refers to his famous fairy tales. The Hans Christian Andersen collections feature our premium duvets, designed for those who seek the best in quality and comfort.

Hans Christian Andersen by Ringsted Dun

Samples of the H.C. Andersen serie you have received

The Brave Tinsoldier

This duvet is top of our assortment line. Is has a delicious shell and the finest goose down inside.

The tale of the brave tinsoldier is heartbreaking and as a goodnight story perhaps better at delivering mournful than sweet thoughts and dreams.

The fairytale duvet, with goose down as light as paper dancers and soft fabric as fine as a paper castles, does its best to make your dreams sweet. Eventually the brave tinsoldier melted together with his love the paper dancer, into a beautiful tin heart.

Filling type: 100% new, white European goose down
Fill power: CUIN 825
Fabric: Finest 100% cotton sateen perfect touch with Aloe Vera finish (Ne110/120, TC500)

The Snow Queen

With its light and soft cotton case and the finest goose down inside, this duvet can easily remind of fresh snow.

Even though it is also available in a cool version, the Snow Queen will probably find this duvet just a wee too warm for her – but it will most certainly be just as beautiful for her as it is for us. A gift that can thaw out everyone’s heart!

Filling type: 100% new, white european goose down
Fill power: CUIN 825
Fabric: 100% European cotton batiste (Ne80/90, TC318)
Ringsted Dun Snedronningen

Ringsted Dun duvet The Mermaid Medium

The Mermaid

If you decide to read the tale of the little mermaid aloud at bedtime, you should prepare for tears.

The poor mermaid looks so sorrowfully after the prince that it is almost unbearable, but luckily this duvet can withstand tears – it can even survive a dip into the ocean if need be. But be off instead to bed now, lay yourself under the soft goose down and enjoy sleeping in a lovely warm bed. And having legs rather than a wet fish tail.

Filling type: 90% new, white european goose down
Fill power: CUIN 700
Fabric: 100% cotton cambric (Ne60/60, TC280)

The Swineherd

Like flighty Muscovy down, the Swineherd does not hold back, which is why the height of the fine and light batiste shells varies so that even the warmest blankets’ many downs have room to play.

The Swineherd is irresistible, so is this quilt, and can’t we call the sand-colored satin piping a little stroke of genius?

Filling type: 90% new, white european muscovy down
Fill power: Cuin 725
Fabric: 100% cotton batiste (Ne80/80, TC330)
Ringsted Dun Svinedrengen

Ringsted Dun videos

By clicking on the video icons below, you can see the Ringsted Dun brand film and watch how our quality products are produced.

Who is Ringsted Dun?

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Down/feather standards

The filling material (down and feather) for Ringsted Dun is declared according to the European Standard EN12934.


The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship after normal maintenance.
Both your duvet and your pillow are made from 100% natural materials throughout. This means that the fabric may show small variations in texture and you may spot small differently coloured threads. There may be a few, loose down in the bag and tiny down fibres may peep out of the shell.
Your duvet or pillow will regain its full volume once it is no longer packed tightly and the down have regained their shape.
These are natural occurrences and are not considered defects.
The warranty provided by Ringsted Dun on duvets and pillows is at least equivalent to your statutory rights.

To store the products in a warehouse, we recommend:

A dry, clean and well-ventilated warehouse
Not too humid
Not too warm


Duvets and pillows last longer with regular maintenance
See label for washing or dry cleaning instructions
Never cover the bed with a bedspread immediately after sleeping, this way the duvet can get rid of the moisture it has absorbed during the night.
Occasionally put it in a tumble-dryer to remove moisture, and the duvet or pillow will become nice and fluffy again.
Shake the duvet from different sides when you make the bed, this keeps it fluffy, light and airy.
Air both duvet and pillow outside, but never in direct sunlight or inbad weather. It can damage the natural layer which protects the down and the feathers.
Avoid vacuuming or beating the duvet. Use a soft brush instead.


All Ringsted Dun products are certified and labelled according to Oeko-Tex Class 1, NoMite, Downafresh Greenline.

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Thank you for your interest

We hope the introduction has provided a clear understanding of how our exclusive Ringsted Dun brand can offer your customers a unique experience and help them achieve a good night’s sleep.

We look forward to continuing the collaboration.

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