Hi Kelley, Brittany & Lauren

First of all, thanks for your interest in DYKON and our fine products – Made in Denmark. 

Prior to our online meeting you will receive a sample box and a presentation of selected products. This will give you a better understanding of our qualities and the brand, Ringsted Dun.

Our duvets and pillows are made from high-quality materials, ensuring they are incredibly comfortable and durable.
This results in satisfied customers who keep coming back. Showcased in department stores and high-end retailers. 

We understand the importance of offering your customers high-quality products that guarantee satisfaction manufactured with only European down filling with an emphasis on sustainability.

By choosing Ringsted Dun, you will be able to showcase the superior comfort, craftsmanship, and innovative design of our duvets and pillows. This will not only enhance your product range but also provide your customers with a reliable choice for a good night’s sleep.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that your customers will experience the best possible sleep, making Ringsted Dun a trusted brand in your stores.

This is why I have especially chosen these Ringsted Dun samples to show you.

Samples you have received

The Brave Tinsoldier

The Brave Tinsoldier

This duvet is top of our assortment line. Is has a delicious shell and the finest goose down inside.

The tale of the brave tinsoldier is heartbreaking and as a goodnight story perhaps better at delivering mournful than sweet thoughts and dreams.

The fairytale duvet, with goose down as light as paper dancers and soft fabric as fine as a paper castles, does its best to make your dreams sweet. Eventually the brave tinsoldier melted together with his love the paper dancer, into a beautiful tin heart.

Filling type: 100% new, white European goose down
Fill power: CUIN 825
Fabric: Finest 100% cotton sateen perfect touch with Aloe Vera finish (Ne110/120, TC500)


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The Snow Queen

With its light and soft cotton case and the finest goose down inside, this duvet can easily remind of fresh snow.

Even though it is also available in a cool version, the Snow Queen will probably find this duvet just a wee too warm for her – but it will most certainly be just as beautiful for her as it is for us. A gift that can thaw out everyone’s heart!

Filling type: 100% new, white european goose down
Fill power: CUIN 825
Fabric: 100% European cotton batiste (Ne80/90, TC318)


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Ringsted Dun Snedronningen


Organic Care

Ringsted Dun Organic Care – Thoughtfulness and Sustainability.

The filling consists of European duck down.
The shell is soft and made of 100% organic cotton cambric, GOTS certified. Shell is labeled with the Nordic Eco label.

The Organic Care duvets and pillows are produced to the highest international standards: the Nordic Eco label, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Class 1, NOMITE and Downafresh® greenLine, which is your guarantee for allergy friendly, clean and chemical-free products.

The duvets and pillows are packaged in a Ringsted Dun organic bag with logo, insert and handtags.

Filling type: 90% new, white European goose down
Fill power: CUIN 700
Fabric: 100% cotton cambric (Ne60/60, TC 280) Organic cotton – GOTS certified


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The Swineherd

Like flighty Muscovy down, the Swineherd does not hold back, which is why the height of the fine and light batiste shells varies so that even the warmest blankets’ many downs have room to play.

The Swineherd is irresistible, so is this quilt, and can’t we call the sand-colored satin piping a little stroke of genius?

Filling type: 90% new, white european muscovy down
Fill power: Cuin 725
Fabric: 100% cotton batiste (Ne80/80, TC330)


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Ringsted Dun Svinedrengen

Jack the Dullard

Jack the Dullard is one of a kind, and no rivals had better question his abilities.

Likewise, the Jack the Dullard duvet should not be dismissed as ordinary, and it is not at all when it is made of something as exquisite as Muscovy down with fill power 725 and soft cotton cambric. So if you want to have your cake and eat it, you are bound to fall for Jack the Dullard’s charm.

Filling type: 90% new, white european muscovy down
Fill power: CUIN 725
Fabric: 100% cotton cambric (Ne60/60, TC280)


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2 in 1 – One side is nice and warm – The other side is refreshingly cool

If you know the feeling of twisting and turning at night, due to high body temperature or warm weather, you will appreciate our new Breeze duvets and pillows.

We have designed a series that gives you the warm feeling you know, and the possibility of turning the duvet and enjoying a refreshingly cool “breeze”.
Breeze is available as a light or all-year duvet and as a pillow.

  • Turn the duvet and get a “fresh breeze”, if you feel warm during the night
  • Cool down quickly, if you or your bedroom feels warm at bedtime
  • The special characteristics of the duvet prolong the cooling feeling
  • Shell made of 100% cotton. Soft and light micro-capsule layer
  • Suitable for both summer and winter, as a ligth or all-year duvet

2 functions in 1 duvet
Choose the Breeze cooling side for increased sleeping comfort if you feel hot.
If you do not need to be cooled for the night, just flip the product and it will act as a traditional duvet or pillow.

Keeps body temperature regulated
The cooling micro-capsules are placed very near to the surface of the shell to improve the cooling effect. You therefore feel the cooling immediately.

Filling type: 90% new, white european muscovy down
Fill power: CUIN 725
Fabric: 100% cotton cambric with Breeze cooling material (Ne60/60, TC280)


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Ringsted Dun Breeze dyner og puder

Ringsted Dun videos

By clicking on the video icons below, you can see the Ringsted Dun brand film and watch how our quality products are produced.

Who is Ringsted Dun?

By EDFA recognized in-house laboratory

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All Ringsted Dun products are certified and labelled according to Oeko-Tex Class 1, NoMite, Downafresh Greenline.

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Thank you for your interest

I hope the introduction has provided a clear understanding of how our exclusive Ringsted Dun brand can offer your customers a unique experience and help them achieve a good night’s sleep.

Looking forward meeting you all in our online meeting.

Best regards,
Steffen Hansen
Export Sales Coordinator
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Made in Denmark